Born on the 18th February 1950 in Memphis, Tennessee (USA). Cybill Shepherd is an actress, producer, singer, song-writer, model and mother of three! Since the age of 18 she has captured the attention of entertainment moguls, initially through her modeling, appearing on magazine covers for Vogue, People and Glamour. This then led to her being spotted by film director Peter Bogdanovich who launched her in the Hollywood circuit when he cast her in his 1971 movie, The Last Picture Show.

To date Cybill has starred in over 30 feature films, had two successful TV sitcoms and is a four time recipient of America's Golden Globe award. If that wasn't enough to convince you of her versatility she has even released seven studio albums as well as a live stage performance. 

Okay enough of the Cybill introductions...

I discovered Cybill through the 1980s detective series Moonlighting. It was as an understatement a hit here in England re-introducing her as a very sexy and much talked about siren. I remember sneakily staying up late just to watch Cybill (aka Maddie Hayes). The fiery scripts and electric chemistry between her and co-star Bruce Willis always made for a hot topic of conversation each week at school. It wasn't long before the TV soundtrack came to my attention and the fact that Cybill could sing as the album featured two big-band tunes  sung in Season Two of the show (Blue Moon Real Player Audio Clip and I Told Ya I Love Ya).

I suppose I have been lucky with my timing as I have grown up with easy access to some of the Best of Cybill through CD, DVD and television. She has even since the 1990s been known to make surprise guest appearances on British television and radio. One of these included a special concert she gave for BBC Radio 2 in which she flexed her muscles as a supremo big-band vocalist. It didn't seem long after that I can remember the news that she was returning to do a gig at London's renowned Café Royal in 1996. I had the ticket and was eager to go but lets say on this occasion lady luck went against me and all I got to see was Cybill pop up on various interviews.

To anyone who hasn't yet got to grips with Cybill's career I'd certainly recommend you check out some of her movies, in order of preference: The Lady Vanishes, Chances Are, Moonlighting (Pilot Episode), Silver Bears, Seduced, Memphis, Taxi Driver & Telling Secrets. As for her singing well I suppose Cybill ultimately caters to the adult contemporary pop market and you'd describe her style as a cross between Cleo Laine, Barbra Streisand & Peggy Lee. The music section of this site will give you a good induction on that.

From 1995 the CBS sitcom "Cybill" saw her re-claim mainstream television with what was a fast paced family situation comedy. Apart from having a great cast and script it was another vehicle for Cybill to flaunt her vocal talents who could forget the show's signature tune Nice work If You Can Get It and the superb accapella duet she did of it with guest-star Tony Bennett. My ultimate memory of this show was when I was staying on Canada's picturesque Vancouver Island at the Wickaninnish Inn in one of their beautiful pine furnished rooms with balcony overlooking the Pacific Ocean.....waves crashing against the rocks......how could I top that?  Well simple....the Cybill show came on and had me in fits of laughter.

After an 87 episode run this show came to an end in 1998. Thankfully, there are endless re-runs and better still re-recordings and soundbites of many of the songs that had featured during the series which include my inspiration for building this website, the beautiful song Talk Memphis To Me Real Player Audio Clip penned by Cybill and her wonderful pianist and songwriting partner Tom Adams (pictured on the right). 

In March 2002, Cybill flew into England on another one of her whirlwind visits. Amongst things she came to promote her autobiography Cybill Disobedience and what became her extremely successful series of cabaret dates (March 13-17) with Tom Adams. The Pizza Express Jazz Club became Cybill's temporary stage in the heart of Soho - London's trendy haunt. It was also my chance to finally get to meet Cybill backstage as well as experience one of her trademark shows which blended her usual satarical take on life: past and present with some stunning torch song renditions of old standards like White Cliffs of Dover.  

The resulting attention which stemmed from her 2002 trip ensured Cybill was to return again to England in 2004 for yet another stage act Cybill Disobedience with Music.

What does the future hold for Cybill? Well one thing is guaranteed as long as she retains her zest for life there will be more movies and recordings for a long, long time to come! 

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